About Us


About US

Medina Gun Works is a family owned store dealing in firearms, scopes, knives, and the like. We not only sell firearms, but also buy and repair them. Medina Gun Works is also able to do firearm transfers to or from other legal FFL holders in the United States of America. If you are interested in education, we will teach you how your newly purchased firearm operates, and we also handle CCW class sign ups.

Meet Our Team

Joe Seidwitz – Joe is our main repair man of most firearms. He is very knowledgable about almost everything guns and is more than happy to teach any one anything that he has picked up in his 55+ years of experience.

Abigail Hull – Abby keeps the business running like a well oiled machine when it comes to all the fun paper work that needs done behind the scenes. She also handles ordering and general management.

Mason Hull – Mason is our designated computer, IT, phone, and anything internet guy. He keeps the business connected and functioning.

Jason Ehrman – Jason handles a lot of the instruction, and also works with kids in his 4H club. He is actively working to expand his training capabilities.